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Humanities: pre-entry and pathway program - FAQ

For which subjects has the pre-entry and pathway program been designed?

Our program offers you

  1. general and interdisciplinary units which address all students of the Faculty of Humanities (history, history of art, literary studies, linguistics, philosophy)
  2. specific units - currently for history, history of art, philosophy/ethics and literary studies (English and American Literatures).

Apart from this, our program is open to students of all faculties who are interested in an interdisciplinary approach.

Is it mandatory that I attend the pre-entry and pathway program?

No, since the program is a supplemental offer which is designed to support students in their early phase.


"Vorkurse" / preliminary courses: Do I have to register?

Not necessarily.
However, if you would like to participate, it is strongly recommendable to send us an email.


"Vorkurse" / preliminary courses: Is it mandatory to attend the program in its entirety?

Not necessarily.
However, we strongly recommend all units (or as much as you can!), since all of them are important for you and they are systematically interrelated.