Pre-entry and Pathway Program for Students of the Humanities

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Welcome to the pre-entry and pathway program of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Stuttgart!


Are you planning to study humanities?

Are you a beginner or have you already spent time at the university (1 - 4 semesters)?

Are you a refugee and have you already studied at a tertiary level?

Would you like to continue your studies in Germany or to take up a course at a German university?

Then join our interdisciplinary pre-entry and pathway program!

  • Our interdiscliplinary pre-entry and pathway program will provide a decisive stepping stone for a successful career as a student.

  • Our propaedeutic courses are designed to introduce you to your subject. They will familiarize you with campus life and help you to design your curriculum.

  • Our course-related program addresses students in their first semesters (semesters 1 - 4) who feel the need to refresh their basic knowledge and skills.

  • Committed to interdisciplinariness, our program will equip you with all the necessary essentials for an excellent start!