COVID Regulations

Current COVID-related regulations affecting entry and use of the library

Current COVID Regulations

Please be sure to follow the following COVID regulations:

Wearing (preferably) an FFP2 mask, or a medical-grade mask is generally always recommended while in department library.

Make sure to maintain a safe distance from other users and library staff. The spiral staircases and the corridors between the bookshelves should only be entered individually.

Make sure to only use the marked workstations. Furniture may not be rearranged.

Please note that you are required to clean your workstation before use. The necesseary cleaning supplies are provided

Regular ventilation of the rooms is the responsibility of all users. Please open all windows regularly for ventilation.

Hand hygiene: Please disinfect your hands before entering the library and frequently use the sinks provided on the 4th and 5th floor.

No access is allowed to Persons,

  1. who are subject to a segregation in connection with the Covid 19 virus, or
  2. show the typical symptoms of an infection with the Covid 19 virus, e.g., a cough, fever, a cold, or an inhibited sense of taste or smell
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