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Geisteswissenschaftliches Propädeutikum (Humanities: Pre-Entry and Pathway Program)

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Who we are ...

The pre-entry and pathway program was launched by the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Stuttgart.

The Faculty of Humanities consists of the following departments:
History, History of Art, Philosophy, English and American Studies, Romance Literatures, German Studies and Linguistics.

The pre-entry und pathway program opened in September 2015. Currently, the Department of English and American Studies, the Department of Philosophy, the Department of History and the Department of History of Art are involved in the program.

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... and what we do

Our program is designed as a supplemental offer for students of the humanities.

Our program's goals are

  1. to facilitate your start and to improve your performance in your first semesters
  2. to promote interdisciplinary exchange

We would like to support you in

  • finding the subject that fits you
  • getting started
  • closing knowledge gaps
  • developing an interdisciplinary profile that is necessary for your academic and professional career

Thee pre-entry and pathway program of the Faculty of Humanities is part of the model "individual space of study".

Our program addresses

  • beginners
  • students in their first semesters
  • high school students and anybody interested to take up a course in the humanities

Depending on students' individual biographical backgrounds, the preconditions for successful studies are heterogenous: Consolidated knowledge in one field very often doesn't exclude deficits in another field.

Our program welcomes in particular those students who finished their secondary education in non-European countries, and who would like to get an introduction to their subjects within the European framework and to German university culture.

  • Our preliminary courses provide a successful transition from secondary to tertiary education.
  • Our program's interdisciplinary approach offers you the opportunity to meet fellow students "across the humanities".
  • You will be made aware of the common basis of the humanities; borderlines between the individual disciplines become permeable.
  • B. A. students in their first semesters (1 - 3) will be offered support.



Geisteswissenschaftliches Propädeutikum

Keplerstr. 17, D-70174 Stuttgart, KII - 3.038

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