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Library of the Departments of Linguistics and Literary Studies

Common Collection of the Institutes of Linguistics and Literary Studies
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Latest News

Short-term change of opening hours

Tonight (09.08.2022) the Institute's library closes already at 8 pm due to the illness of a staff member.

Current Opening Hours

From 12/09/2022 to 01/10/2022, the opening hours will be subject to the following changes: 
Monday - Friday: 9am to 7pm
Saturday: Closed

Normal opening hours will apply again from 04.10.2022

Library Profile

Fields of Interest

The main emphasis of the library is on the disciplines of literary studies and linguistics in the following subject areas: American studies, English studies, German studies, Italian and French studies.

Book stock

Total number of volumes: approx. 123,000
Current journals: approx. 100

Most volumes can be found on open shelves according to a specific system. Valuable prints and books over than 100 years old as well as extra large books and audiovisual material are kept secure.

Opening Hours

Mo. - Fr.

8am - 9pm (Admission until 8:45pm)


9am - 2pm

Please Note:

Due to the pandemic, our opening hours may change on short notice. You may find the current opening hour at the top of this page.

Library Administration

Library Supervision

Where to find us?

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Library of the Departments of Linguistics and Literary Studies

Keplerstraße 17, 70174 Stuttgart

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